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The OEA-R Spring Conference will be held Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 9::45 AM to 2:30 PM at the Carillon Park Conference Center, in Dayton.  Information and registration form may be found here.

Thanks to Christine McVicar who has served as the SEOEA representative to the OEA-R Executive Board.  She was recognized at the last OEA-R board meeting and also the last SEOEA Executive Committee for her dedicated service.  Effective September 1, 2017, SEOEA Past President Jane Miller will assume this role.

SEOEA-R’s THIRD ANNUAL LUNCHEON in Marietta was a great success.  Thanks to our committee for an informative day and wonderful entertainment provided by retired member Charlie Wilcoxen who exhibited and played several items from his fiddle collection along with some other unusual instruments.  Thanks, Charlie!

Welcome to the SEOEA-R web site.  For those nearing retirement or retiring after this year, now is the time save on your retired memberships.

FIRST YEAR OF OEA-R MEMBERSHIP IS FREE, courtesy of OEA, when you join NEA-R which costs $30 per year.
After the first year, you will pay only $45 per year for unified membership with OEA-R costing $15 and NEA-R costing $30.  On the other hand, an OEA-R Lifetime membership is available for a onetime payment of $100 and the NEA-R Lifetime membership is available for a one time payment of $250.  You may buy either an OEA-R Lifetime Membership or the NEA-R Lifetime Membership or both, however, if buying just one lifetime membership, you must join the other organization as an annual member.
You can purchase the membership option of your choice with a credit card online at http://www.nea.org/JoinNea or by visiting www.ohea.org clicking the “Join” menu link, then selecting to join OEA-Retired. While you can join online with a credit card, you can also print off a form to mail with a check to OEA.