Welcome to the SEOEA-R web site.  Here, you will find items of interest for teaching retirees or near-retirees.  If you are nearing retirement, we encourage you to consider your membership in the United Education Professions by joining OEA-R and NEA-R pre-retired.  For a one-time fee to each, you receive lifetime membership in both and continue to receive the services of NEA Member Benefits programs.  Contact Christine McVicar from the Contacts link above for more information.

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OEA-R representatives needed to the OEA-FCPE State Council

Names of persons who are interested in serving in the positions of OEA-R Representative and Alternate to the OEA-FCPE State Council are now being accepted. This is a two (2) year term beginning January 1, 2015 and ending December 31, 2017. The elected Representative serves as an OEA-R Advisory Council member in a non-voting capacity and co-chairs the OEA-R Legislative/FCPE Committee. The Advisory Council meets four (4) times a year, usually September, December, March, and May. The Alternate has no required activity except at such time when the Representative may not be available. To be eligible for either position, candidates must meet the requirements of both the Advisory Council and the OEA FCPE which include a minimum annual FCPE contribution of $100. The Representative shall represent the interests of the OEA-R to engage in political action to effect the implementation of the OEA policies for the improvement of education in the state of Ohio. Duties may be found in the OEA-R Guidelines Article VIII – Appointments by the Advisory Council Section E. The Guidelines are posted on the OEA-R website, http://oea-r.ohea.us/documents-2/.

Please submit your name to John Hoyes, OEA-R Chair jhoyes@columbus.rr.com and cc Carol Kinsey, OEA-R Vice-Chair, cskinsey@aol.com by February 27 indicating if you wish to be considered for the Representative or the Alternate position. If you wish to nominate a person other than yourself, you may do so but that person needs to email both persons listed above as agreeing to their nomination.