Thursday, May 15, 2014
Special Presentation by Andy Tipple, Naturalist
The Muskingum River Locks System
Zanesville Holiday Inn Express
Registration includes lunch and visits to
National Road/Zane Gray Museum
John & Annie Glenn Historic Site
Sponsored by EOEA-R, ECOEA-R & SEOEA-R

OEA-R Spring Conference


 May 15, 2014
Breakfast/Registration 9:00 – 10:00
Holiday Inn Express
Zanesville Ohio

Send form to Jack Boyd, 1940 Normandy Dr., Zanesville OH 43701-2143
Registration Form

Full Name: ____________________________________________

Please circle your OEA District:
Capital,       Central,        East Central ,      Eastern,        North Central,          North Eastern,
Northwestern,               Southwestern,               Western,             Southeastern

Mailing Address:__________________________________________

City: ________________________________ State: ________ Zip: __________________

Telephone: (______)__________________ Cell: (______)_________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________

1. Registration Fee: $20.14 - Includes lunch and Museum/Historic Site tickets.

2. Breakfast: $4.86 (Free for those staying at the Holiday Inn Express)

3. Total for Conference: TOTAL ENCLOSED: $____________
Payable to: OEA-R

All registrations are needed by April 1, 2014. We cannot guarantee breakfast, lunch or tickets after this date.

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn Express, 1101 Spring St, Zanesville Ohio, (740-297-4751)
The discounted rate, including taxes, is $125.40. Reservations must be made by April 1, 2014, for this special rate.
You must make your own hotel reservations.

Links to information about our planned excursions:
National Road/Zane Gray Museum–historic-sites-by-name/national-road
John and Annie Glenn Site

 Other local attractions:
Zanesville-Muskingum County Visitors Bureau

 for additional information contact Jack Boyd at or call 740-453-2186

Note from SE Representative

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
OEA-R REPORT to SEOEA Executive Committee
Christine McVicar
A. I have attended the SE Representative Assembly, the December OEA-R Advisory Council
Meetings in Columbus and the OEA Fall Representative Assembly.

B. The winter edition of SEOEA-R Newsletter is ready to email pending receipt of the new updated membership list. (Please educate your retired friends that once they retire, they need to contact OEA about changes to email addresses & other contact information. Also, educate active members that when they retire, they must supply a non-school email address to OEA. One can keep contact info current by contacting or by calling OEA @ 1-800-282-1500 and requesting membership.)

C. Retired members will now serve on Screening Committees that interview state & federalcandidates. Retired members have been selected for these positions and will serve in 2014 pending approval. (SEOEA includes HD 90, 91, 93 and 94.)

D. Membership Drive with gas card gift upon joining pre-retired continues.

E. I currently chair the OEA-R Membership Committee and we have been brainstorming several ideas for increasing pre-retired members, so I am requesting some input from you. You can share your opinions in person or by email at

  1. Would members be more likely to join if they could do so with a payroll deduction or credit card payment plan while they are active teachers? (One suggestion is 10 payments of $35.00 each.)
  2. If OEA-R had a presentation on OEA-R/pre-retired, would you use it at general and/or BR meetings? (A DVD presentation and/or guest speakers are being considered.)



Membership Drive

Join in a Flash!

Get A $25 Gas Card    and a Flash Drive   

(First 50 new members ONLY)

OEA-R is encouraging you to continue your Association membership and
benefits during your retirement years. We are offering a $25 gas card and a
flash drive as our way of saying WELCOME. You are eligible to join as a Pre-
Retired member at anytime – you do not need to be nearing retirement. Join
now by following these simple steps:

 First, locate the OEA-R membership representative and he/she will FLASH
you a membership form and a pen so you can fill it out immediately or use
your MasterCard or VISA to join on-line. Ask about how to receive your gifts
if you join online at a later time.

Next, obtain your gifts once your unified membership form is completed or
your membership is confirmed online. A unified OEA-R/NEA-R membership
is required to be eligible for the gifts.

Then, walk away an OEA-R/NEA-R member! Your special OEA-R pen, gas
card, and FLASH drive are our gifts to you for your paid-in-full unified life
membership in OEA-R/NEA-R.


OEA-R and NEA-R are the only retired organizations affiliated with your Association.


Intergenerational Mentoring Program at Ohio University

Mentor an OU student majoring in education?   Christine McVicar recommends it.

        The Intergenerational Mentoring Program is a collaborative project between OEA-R and the OSEA with support from OEA and NEA. The program pairs retirees with students working toward a degree in education. The Intergenerational Mentoring Program is designed to help student teachers and new teachers as they finish their studies and move into their first year of teaching. Visit the Retired Members section of the OEA website ( ) choosing the “Programs & Events” from the drop-down box & then scroll down to see the latest mentoring brochure.  Christine explains:  this program includes 4 meetings of mentors & mentees on campus, usually on Sunday afternoons.  Most of the mentoring occurs via email exchanges, however, some of us mentors do take our mentee out to eat, especially at the beginning.   My first two mentees have graduated and I look forward to working with another one this fall.  It has been my pleasure to act as a sounding board when problems occur and an audience for special achievements.  If you can listen, you can mentor.

                Volunteer by contacting Marilyn Allen at



Music teacher Volunteer needed

I am the Chaplain at the Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility. I am also the volunteer coordinator. The reason I am contacting the OEA is to find out if there is a retired music teacher who would be willing to come in for a couple of hour each week to lead a music group for our youth. We have several youth who are interested in music. We also have several musical instruments. We just do not have anyone who can bring them together.
Please pass this on to your retirees.
Thank you,
Chaplain Littler
Kevin Littler, Chaplain
Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility
640 Island Road
Circleville, Ohio 43113
740-477-2500 ext 4120

Retirement Board Election Results

On Saturday, May 11, 2013, the results of the State Teachers Retirement Board election were certified by a board of tellers appointed by the State Teachers Retirement Board and VR Election Services — the independent firm administering the election. The result of the election for the retired member seats on the Retirement Board is as follows:

Bob Stein, 23,542 votes

James McGreevy, 21,311 votes

Dennis Leone, 20,533 votes

Nadine McIlwain, 10,199 votes

Write-Ins, 164 votes
The terms of office for Bob Stein and James McGreevy begin on Sept. 1, 2013, and will end on Aug. 31, 2017.
The one seat for a contributing teacher member had only one qualified candidate apply, so by law no election was needed. Incumbent Carol Correthers will continue to serve until Aug. 31, 2017.